Podcast 29 November 2022

Your Recruiting Checklist

As we approach the end of the year, many real estate agents are evaluating their brokerage. They’re reflecting back and asking themselves “How did my brokerage support me? How did they help me grow my business”? They are also looking forward to the new year and wondering what they need to be successful in 2023. In many cases, this situation presents a perfect opportunity to showcase the value of your leadership and your brokerage.
Here are 11 things that you can do to recruit more agents to your brokerage:

1. Use online job boards, like Indeed, to generate leads.
This is one of most effective ways to show that you are open for business and ready to welcome new Realtors. Make sure that when you are building the ads, you play around with different headlines until you find one that works. Then, stick with it! You’ll get tired of the headline much quicker than the people reading your ads.

2. Make 5 calls a day with 2 of them being people you haven’t met before.
Create daily goals that are achievable and schedule the time off in your calendar to make the calls. No one really likes to do cold calls, but once you’ve made a few of them, you’ll remember that real estate professionals love to talk!

3. Be an open book on social media and showcase your personality.
Figure out ways that you can best communicate your culture on social media. It may mean taking photos of your weekly meetings or your training sessions. Realtors want to join a brokerage that aligns with their values, so it is important that you find ways to showcase your brokerage’s culture. In addition, how can you best communicate what type of leader you are? Is it a video that talks about the changes in the market or your commitment to training? Whatever it may be, start to paint a picture of what it would be like if someone joined your brokerage.

4. Know your audience on social media.
It is critical to identify who you are communicating with on social media. If you know who you’re communicating to, you can provide them with content that is valuable. If your followers on your Instagram or LinkedIn account are Realtors in the industry and not consumers, then you’ll want to be posting “Realtor-centric” information, not listings.

5. Lead by example – do the recruiting yourself!
One way to ensure that you surround yourself with the people that you enjoy working with is to do the recruiting yourself. This will demonstrate to your management team that you are serious about growing your business and you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work!

6. Attend industry network and training events.
Networking and training events are great places to meet new people in the industry. Make sure you are dressed for success, have business cards and a notepad with a pen. Take good notes after you’ve had a conversation with someone so you can follow up later.

7. Fine-tune your recruiting presentation.
Figure out the best way to identify someone’s pain points and then provide them with the appropriate solutions. As you go through your presentation, make sure to focus on the benefits, and not the features. Also, make sure that you adapt your presentation and conversation style based on whether they are new to the industry or whether they been in it for years. Customize your presentation based on who you are talking to.

8. Don’t tell them, show them!
Instead of always delivering a PowerPoint recruiting presentation, you may want to go into the back end and demonstrate some of the tools and technology. This way they can see how easy it is to use. And remember, focus on the benefits!

9. Understand the value you provide and deliver on it.
Have you clearly defined and articulated your value proposition? Do you know what your brokerage stands for and is your management team all aligned with that? It is extremely important that you clearly understand the value you provide so you can communicate it with confidence and excitement.

10. Find ways to WOW your recruits.
Ask yourself “what can I do to WOW this person? What can I do to get them excited about my brokerage?” Focus on the little things and ensure that you have a solid follow up plan in place.

11. Make sure you stay top-of-mind with a keep-in-touch email campaign.
Not everyone is ready to make a change right away. It is important that you stay top of mind so when they are ready to make a change, they think of you. An automated email campaign is critical in helping you achieve this. Whether you use BombBomb, Constant Contact or your own proprietary software, having a keep-in-touch email campaign is critical to ensuring you are constantly nurturing those relationships.

If you are interested in getting your own copy of this checklist or knowing more about franchise opportunities with CENTURY 21, please direct message me, or email me at Chiyoko.Kakino@Century21.ca. I have over 25-years’ of experience in helping entrepreneurs grow their business.

Happy recruiting!